Empowered Women, Empower Women

The only competition is the competition you are in with yourself. Every day you should strive to be and do better than the day before and that’s the only competition there is.
Empowered Women, Empower Women
That’s a phrase we hear quite often, and thankfully I have now come into the orbit where this circulates around me and rings true. However, for a long time it didn’t. I was constantly seeing women tear each other down, gossip about and hate on one another. I watched a video of a woman recently who’s going through a hard time and she said "people are mean." And yes there are people that are mean but there are also very nice people as well. And what you see is based on where you are in life. When I raised my vibration and upgraded my surroundings the reality of what I saw changed.
Does this make me exempt from the negative? Absolutely not, but it no longer affects me. The judgments of others will only effect you if somewhere deep down you hold on to negative emotions. In other words, they have held up a mirror or shone a high beam on what it is that you judge yourself about.
When you begin the process of personal development, it’s often very difficult because it’s the stuff we want to avoid. It’s the stuff that’s been swept under the rug, sometimes many years ago that we’d rather ignore. This is also what makes personal development the most rewarding.
During the process of self development we can be faced with triggers. Triggers are helpful because they bring awareness and shed light on our pain. They show and tell us where we still have work to do. When you feel triggered examine it and find out exactly what’s coming up and why. When you can bring awareness to what it is and why it’s happening you can begin the first step towards your healing.

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