Quick Steps to Find Balance when You’re a Mom

Some days we have it all together. The house seems to be magically in order and you’ve showered, brushed your teeth, gotten dressed and had a tea all at in the same day! And then there are those days where it seems the world is on off its axis, it looks like a tornado has hit the inside of your home and your kids have been at each other’s throats for hours.
These are the days when you should prioritize taking a step back. I know what you’re thinking, this girl has gone and lost her mind. I don’t have time for that, who has time for that? I know, I know, but these are the moments when you need it the most. These are the moments when you need to breathe, take a timeout, go for a walk or let’s be real lock yourself in a closet to cry.
It’s in these moments that it matters the most. 15 minutes can go a long way. Take a 15 minute break to breathe, relax or like I said cry. Allow yourself those 15 minutes and do your best to keep them uninterrupted. I realize when you’re with your kids they don’t need you and as soon as you disappear for even a second they’re on the hunt, trying to find where you are. So you have two choices here you can either sneak away, knowing they are going to come looking for you or you tell them you need just a few minutes by yourself. If this is new to your kids they won’t understand it at first and you may only get 5 minutes, but with consistency they will begin to understand and soon you will be up to your 15 minutes.
After you’ve most likely cried it out, wipe up those tears and choose the most pressing task at hand. What is it that needs to get done right now to help you feel good and accomplished? Maybe it’s the 4 baskets of laundry that are sitting in the middle of your laundry room that need to be folded and put away or maybe it’s the dishes or making the kids lunch. Once again take 15 to 30 minutes and dedicate it to that one thing. Maybe it is making the kids a snack or lunch so you can wash the dishes while watching them. Or maybe it’s giving them crayons and paper while you fold the laundry, make your bed or clean the washroom. Whatever it is that is the most important get it done and if you still have time left over, move on to the next task.
Now here is the most important part – Celebrate yourself and what you’ve accomplished. Give yourself a round of applause, pat on the back or dance it out to some music. With only 30 minutes you’ve accomplished two tasks; your very own self-care and whatever task you chose to do.
Not everyday is a walk in the park but that doesn’t mean that those days that aren’t need to break you. Make some time to prioritize
you and the task at hand and things will start looking up!
I hope this serves you well. To recap:
Prioritize you by taking 15 minutes to breathe, relax or cryWipe away those tears and take another 15- 30 minutes to accomplish one task or more if time allows.Celebrate yourself and what you’ve accomplished

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